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     Pfeiffer Productions offers comprehensive web site and multimedia design. The term multimedia sprung from the web, which integrates audio, graphics, pictures, writing, video, and layout design to create contemporary web experiences. We are ready to assist you with any aspect of your web site, from initial design to final launch. We are also well versed in the various computer coding languages, such as PHP, jQuery, Actionscript (Flash), MySQL, etc., needed for both front and back end web design. Pfeiffer Productions has been helping people make web sites since the beginning of cyber-time. The web site you are viewing now uses a custom CMS built by Pfeiffer Productions. One PHP page builds the entire site on the fly using a database, MySQL, and jQuery. It is a very powerful design concept which leaves room for unlimited site expansion. To get started on your web project, just CONTACT US, and we'll be glad to help.

My right brain says
to get creative.
Keep an open mind.
Think for yourself.
But my left brain says
there's no formula for that.
Keep an open mind.
Think for yourself.
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