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    Started by Joel Pfeiffer in 2000 (Y2K? To stop the buggers.) as a supplemental income stream focused on multimedia, it has grown into a full time passion. Beyond his own personal talents, Joel has built a network of professionals representing a wide array of expertise. We are poised and ready to turn your vision into a reality. We are also available to help guide the creation of that vision. We can create content in any medium, from text, design for print, graphics, audio, video, Flash animation, and just about anything you may need. Custom crafted creations to meet our clients' vision. Free initial consultations and "quotes" provided for any size project. Give us a chance and we guarantee YOUR satisfaction! It's easy to get started, just CONTACT US, describe your project, and we'll do our best to help you. Peace In!

    One of my passions in life is technology, including all I can learn about multimedia. This has led me to teach myself about many different aspects of how multimedia is created using current technologies. To this point in my life, this has been something I did part-time, as time allowed while working other full time jobs. These jobs included water quality monitoring for the Long Term Ecological Research Facility of the Eastern Shore (1986-1991), atmospheric chemistry research at the University of Hawaii (1996-2001), and algorithm development for hyper-spectral image processing (2001-2005), as part of secret projects for the D.O.D. I recently (September 2009) decided to pursue working for myself full time, doing multimedia. This was after a few years at the family business, installing residential elevators (2006-2009). This leads me to the following points, which are relevant to any potential client thinking of hiring me.

    I am hungry to prove myself, and recognize that YOUR SATISFACTION is extremely important if I am to be successful as an independent contractor. Therefore, I pledge to YOU that I will work hard to exceed your expectations, provide consistent and clear communication, and deliver your project on time and to your satisfaction. Additionally, I am being very selective in the projects I bid, choosing to bid only on those that I know are well within my knowledge base and areas of competence.  Thank you for considering Pfeiffer Productions as the service provider for your project. You have my personal promise that I will do everything reasonably possible to make YOU another satisfied client.

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