Without vision, the People perish.
Be your own Liberators.

MMS 1 Jim Humble MMS 2     The two books above (Part 1 on the left, Part 2 on the right) represent one of the greatest discoveries EVER in preventing/curing infectious diseases of ALL kinds!!! Do your self a favor and learn something that could save your life. Beats watching T.V., right? Click on book covers to download the books, click on image to learn more about the author. Hallelujah!!!

Global Sovereigns Handbook     Learn to live as God intended, as a free, sovereign individual. Understand how the federal government is out to git 'cha, before they actually do. Did you know, the federal government is a for-profit corporation formed by the Virginia Trading Company? Mussolini said he should have called Fascism, Corporatism. Looks like the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve are making his point for him. Have the courage and vision to read this book and others like it. Being un-informed only serves those that are oppressing you. Don't be afraid, that is just what those who would terrorize you want. Don't believe the corporatized main stream media messages, most are made up by liars and boot lickers. Refuse to participate in systems that are not beneficial for all of us! True Patriots need to unite and take action, now!

A Call to All Americans:
    Resist being harnessed by the New World Order as an economic slave, chattel or agent. Restore American, private sector free enterprise to its prominence and productivity before government intentionally regulates and disables it to death. The U.S. government replaced the private-sector with nonproductive, socialist, transnational schemes for destroying the American economy and controlling it from abroad. You must recognize that the United States has been a socialist-democratic state since the first federal bankruptcy socialized the corporate state through the New Deal (1933). Recognize that declared national emergencies and executive orders are symptomatic of the financial collapse of the U.S. corporation, the federal government and its political subdivisions. Recognize that we must eliminate all deficit spending (thus the size of government) and eliminate the welfare state to restore private initiative and incentives for productivity and excellence. There are no more free lunches. Fund self-reliance and economically sustainable enterprises, owned and controlled by sovereign, American Citizens (if you happen to be American).

Words to Live by.

Recommended reading.
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